Welcome: Open Source Data Project Developers

This forum is intended for the maintainers and contributors of open source data processing and related computing. The idea is to facilitate cross-project design discussions or development initiatives that are not specific to a single open source project. In the past, many discussions would not happen at all, or they would take place on a particular project’s mailing list or GitHub issues, which makes it hard to stay organized and build community. The forum is not intended for end users or people needing help with using particular projects (except in the context of project developers depending on other developers’ projects).

Some basic ground rules:

  • Please use your real name or at least what you go by professionally.
  • User questions may be moderated and referred to individual project support forums or StackOverflow.
  • Excessive self promotion, when judged off topic, may be moderated and result in a warning or banning
  • This community will follow the Contributor Covenant code of conduct https://www.contributor-covenant.org/. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated.